Welcome, Dom

We’re excited to welcome Dominic Taylor, who is joining us as one of our summer 2024 interns. Dominic is from Lancaster, PA and will be graduating from Millersville in May of 2025 with a major in Information Technology. 

What inspired you to choose your major?

I chose to study Information Technology (IT) because I’ve always been fascinated by how technology works. Originally, I wanted to go into healthcare, but the long schooling put me off. With IT, you can learn a lot on your own, and there are so many different things you can do, like coding, working with databases, or dealing with hardware.

What projects will you do during your internship at Touchstone Foundation?

During my internship at Touchstone Foundation, I want to understand how their systems work and help improve their cybersecurity. I also hope to use my web development skills to make things better. This internship will teach me a lot about applying what I’ve learned in school to real-world situations and how to work well in a team environment. I also want to improve my soft skills before entering a new job.

How will these projects prepare you for the future?

This is my first time using the computer skills I’ve learned in college to really help a business improve. It’s one thing when you do these things in school, but actually applying these principles is a different story. Learning to do this will help me in the future with other jobs. Also, learning soft skills and being able to work in group settings is very important. An internship like this is a great way to do those things.

What do you hope to learn through this internship?

I hope to learn more about security in a business environment. How to work with cybersecurity and explore all scenarios that need to be paid attention to when working for a company that has information of value. I think being in IT this might be the most important skill. We find ways to store and manage this data, but knowing how to actually protect it is very important.

What would you like your career focus to be after graduation?

I’ve always had a keen interest in cybersecurity and how it works, but I feel in technology sometimes you start in one place and move around as you learn more and more about it. So really my interests are open for the time being, right now I’m focused on learning as much as possible considering the number of different fields of IT are very broad. I think learning everything you can be very important.

Tell us something interesting or exciting about yourself.

I’m currently in my senior year of college and in my spare time I enjoy making music and watching movies. I have an exciting trip for this summer planned to Florida that I’m very excited about.

Dom can be reached at intern2@touchstonefound.org