Welcome, Ellie Wagner: PHAN partner, Community Engagement Specialist

Who is Ellie?

Ellie has always been passionate about many social issues including gender equity, racial justice, and education reform. Her passions led her to Temple University where she studied Social Work. After a variety of work experiences in Philadelphia, Ellie decided to move to Lancaster County, where she continued her education and received a Master of Education from Millersville University. Ellie has a professional background working with children and families as a social worker and as an educator. Now, she is excited to continue advocating for the health and wellness of Lancaster County and PA residents with PHAN. Outside of work, Ellie loves exploring Lancaster city with her partner (and even runs a Lancaster food blog!), reading, movies, games, and spending time with her chihuahua, Birdie. 

Our Partnership with PHAN

Families and young people in Lancaster County can now receive assistance in understanding and enrolling in health insurance, thanks to a partnership between the Touchstone Foundation and the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN). https://pahealthaccess.org/gethelp/  


Ellie Wagner, Community Engagement Specialist with PHAN, began her position in Lancaster County earlier this year. You may have met her at Open Streets recently! Ellie is dedicated to helping Lancaster County families, children, and young people enroll in health insurance and find quality, affordable plans that meet your needsIn this position, Ellie can help to train staff at local community partner organizations, create broad communications strategies for reaching families in need, and helping families directly through PHAN’s Helpline and Touchstone Foundation’s Access Assistance Program.  


PHAN will conduct broad-based outreach through its communication strategy, assistant and educate people, ensure that those who are eligible for coverage are connected to coverage, and lastly develop community leaders, those who are willing to share their stories and talk about their experiences in accessing coverage and healthcare. These stories are often pivotal in helping local leaders and policymakers understand the landscape faced by everyday people and continue to improve for all Pennsylvanians that systems and structures in place. PHAN will reach out to youth and their families to make sure they have access to and understand health insurance coverage. In this role, Ellie will assist/ educate 1,430 individuals, enroll 286 people in coverage and develop 26 leaders. PHAN and Touchstone Foundation will help facilitate the access assistance program for copays and deductibles. 

More Information About Ellie

What will you be doing in your position at Touchstone Foundation?

Helping with the Mental Health Access Program by getting Lancaster County residents enrolled in various health care programs such as Medicaid, Medical Assistance for Worker’s with Disabilities, CHIP, and Pennie.
What are you looking forward to at Touchstone Foundation?
I truly love Lancaster and am excited to be partnering with Touchstone to make an impact in the Lancaster community. 
What is attractive about our mission to elevate the mental well-being of youth and children?
In general, the mental well-being of youth and children needs more attention. Data shows that more and more youth are having issues with their mental well-being. It is important to make sure they are heard, supported, and have access to the professional services they (and their families) need.
What is one interesting or surprising thing about you?
I LOVE watching movies and have seen around 1,000 movies in my lifetime (but still counting)!
Is there anything else you would like to share?
I am a Lancaster city resident and even run an Instagram reviewing different restaurants and food spots around the area!