Volunteer Spotlight: Dolores (Dee) Minchhoff, DNP, APRN-BC

Dee Minchhoff, DNP, RN, is a longtime volunteer and friend of LOHF. She has served on our Nurse Scholarship Committee for many years, and is a current board member.

She is an associate professor at PA College of Health Sciences, and much of her accomplished nursing career has been in pediatrics. Dee also served active duty in the U.S. Air Force and the Army Reserve. We appreciate the deep insight, compassion, and leadership that she provides to LOHF and others.

What motivates you to volunteer your time and talents with LOHF?
My desire to volunteer comes from an internal motivation to help others.  I think about all that Jesus did to help others.

How have your personal and/or professional experiences informed your volunteer service to LOHF?
I work as a nurse and a nurse educator with much of my career in pediatrics.  The mission of LOHF focuses on improving the mental well-being of youth and children.  This dovetails with my own passion for the health of children.

What has been the most impactful or memorable result of LOHF’s work that you have seen during your involvement with LOHF?
This is a tough question to answer. I have seen so many grants awarded and the good work that has been done through those grants. I have seen scholarships given to deserving nursing students.  I have seen how LOHF works with other groups to enhance the mission. I have seen excellent education offered to healthcare workers. I would say that most impactful is the copay assistance program that has enabled some families to get mental health services. Those families would not have been able to afford the copay for the services without this assistance.

What is the most encouraging thing you see on the horizon to improve mental well-being for youth and children in Lancaster County?
There is a great desire in this county to improve mental well-being for youth and children. The more that agencies can work together and make the public aware of services, the better the community will be.

Is there something that would be surprising or fun to know about you?
I officiated high school and youth girls lacrosse for about 15 years, until last year when I had significant right knee problems.