Support Lancaster County Youth Mental and Behavioral Health


At the Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation, we need your financial support so we can help children and families in our community who have behavioral health needs. Carli Youndt works as the certified school nurse at Warwick High School in Lititz, PA where she encounters students with profound behavioral health needs every day.

As Carli says, “Long gone are the days of just handing out Band-Aids and ice packs from the nurse’s office. Children today are overwhelmed and struggling with so much. Their ability to cope is challenged on a regular basis.” As a school nurse, Carli is helping her students and their families improve their behavioral health.

But Carli has a long relationship with us. She’s also a two-time LOHF nursing scholarship recipient. Our financial support helped Carli become a school nurse. Now she provides safety, support and guidance for students at Warwick High School. As a certified school nurse, Carli provides a safe space for students.

“It could be through frequent visits to my office for an upset stomach, sleeping in class because of an inability to sleep at night, words carved into a student’s forearm in an attempt to feel something or wide eyes and a look of panic as a student’s body craves the next hit of an illegal substance. There is a story waiting to be told,” says Carli.

By making a financial contribution to Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation, you’re providing funds beyond what our endowment can cover to support behavioral health services for children in Lancaster County. Just this spring, we awarded grants to improve behavioral health for 3,648 more children and their families. Since 2003, LOHF has invested nearly $700,000 in the education of 193 nurses who care for our family members, friends and neighbors. We want to impact children and their families in our community and we know you do too. Please consider making a gift today to the Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation. By doing so, you’re creating a healthier, more resilient community.

To make a donation, please visit Checks are payable to Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation, 128 East Grant Street, Suite 104, Lancaster, PA 17602. Thank you!



Anna Kennedy
Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation
Executive Director