May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Since 1949, Mental Health America has led the observance of Mental Health Awareness Month. During May, millions join together in support and advocacy. It is a time to encourage sufferers to seek appropriate medical treatment; to address social stigma; and to remember those who have been affected by a mental health condition.

Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF) work to support children and families in Lancaster County. With access to critical financial and educational resources including grants, scholarships, loan repayments, information and trainings, medical professionals, educators and parents are empowered to provide exceptional care.

Our Work
Recently, LOHF launched NavWell. A newly developed web-based and mobile-compatible software tool that links primary care providers and behavioral health specialists, NavWell will provide an improved continuum of care and support to Lancaster County families. Several providers have agreed to pilot the program to prepare the system for broad use.

Additionally, LOHF approved funding to four area community benefit organizations for children’s behavioral health programs. As a result, an estimated 3,648 children will begin to receive the mental and behavioral health services that they deserve. LOHF is proud to offer an additional $41,070 in grant funds for Fall 2016.

Lastly, this month, LOHF will provide sponsorship to three community events in support of mental health awareness including:

Support Mental Health Awareness
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