Making the Most of Every Moment

Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation’s scholarship program, now in its fifteenth year, supports the education of exceptional nursing students who demonstrate strong academic ability and genuine passion for the nursing profession. Our nurse scholars represent LOHF in all areas of nursing, often taking on leadership positions within their workplace and in the community.

On September 22, we held a reception at Cork and Cap Factory to honor our most recent scholars. And in turn, we were treated to inspiring remarks from two of our scholarship alumni who are truly making a worthwhile difference in our community every day.

Dawn Lambert, PhD, RN
Dawn is an assistant professor of nursing, RN-BS in Nursing and MSN Programs. She is also the School Nurse Certification Coordinator at Eastern Mennonite University.

It’s no secret that achieving a degree in nursing requires hard work and perseverance. Challenging course work, long and often stressful clinical experiences and high expectations can be overwhelming for even the strongest students. With this in mind, we welcomed Dawn Lambert’s special message to our recent nurse scholarship recipients as they pursue their nursing education.

“Why is that we put huge expectations on ourselves and our lives?” asked Dawn. “Why do we live our lives at a frantic pace without even noticing the moments that we are rushing through? How can we slow down?”

Dawn had these suggestion for nursing students:

  • Carve out a period of time for studying and stick to it. Make an agreement with yourself that you will not be distracted from your studies until your prescribed study time is finished.
  • Add space to your moments. Put intentional space between things, and resist the urge to schedule too closely. Become intentional about creating space and creating new moments. It will help life to not move so fast.

“Often the road less traveled is the slow road… the road that causes us to slow down and make the most of every moment,” said Dawn. “The road most often travelled is fast paced, hectic, stressful… I believe that if you take the road less traveled, by making the most of each moment along your education journey, whether it be in a pre-licensure program, baccalaureate, masters, or doctoral program… the road less traveled will make all the difference.”

We appreciate Dawn’s words of wisdom and her commitment to teaching excellence. For a complete listing of 2015 Scholarship Award recipients, please visit