2015 Nursing Scholars Announced

This year LOHF is pleased to invest $60,000 in the education of 27 local nursing students.
Our 2015 nurse scholars attend 7 different nursing schools and share their expertise, compassion and passion for helping others with patients at medical facilities across our community. In addition, LOHF continues to support the education of 13 individuals who received multi-year scholarship commitments.

Meet our 2015 Nurse Scholars

PhD Scholar:
Teresa Hartmann, Widener University

MSN Scholars:
Kirsten Weiss, Drexel University
Kyle Wojciehowski, Millersville University

RN to BSN Scholars:
Winfred Fox, Eastern Mennonite University
Jennifer Lech, PA College of Health Sciences
Leonie Mbiekop, Millersville University
Ramonita O’Maille, Eastern Mennonite University

RN Scholars:
Kristen Beard, PA College of Health Sciences
Malinda Heisey, PA College of Health Sciences
Evelyn Mensah, Harrisburg Area Community College
Julie Hedgepeth, Harrisburg Area Community College
Kathleen Schlager, Harrisburg Area Community College
Molly Shaeffer, PA College of Health Sciences

LPN Scholar:
Kami Dugan, Lancaster County Career and Technology Center