LOHF Overview

Our mission is to improve public health and well-being in Lancaster County by focusing on two intersecting goals: strengthening the capacity of the healthcare professional community, and children’s behavioral health services.

LOHF is committed to funding practical solutions that improve care coordination and access to services for children and families in Lancaster County.

2014 Milestones

  • We partnered with Millersville University’s Nonprofit Resource Center and CoLAB to conduct a youth behavioral health study to better understand community needs. It included interviews, focus groups, and a phone survey of over 1,000 parents and caregivers. The results of this study will inform future grantmaking.
  • We held a “Reaching Teens” conference featuring Dr. Ken Ginsburg for providers, educators, and anyone who works with children to better understand strength-based approaches to building resiliency in youth.
  • We changed our look to better reflect our focus on advancing resources for healthier outcomes. Our new logo represents diverse people linking arms, supporting one another.

Looking Ahead

  • Collaborating with partners in behavioral health, medicine, and education to seek innovative solutions.
  • Requesting proposals for grants to address specific needs such as improved care coordination among providers.
  • Designing a database system to improve the system of care for families, children, behavioral health providers, medical professionals, and educators.
  • Launching a “loan repayment program” to attract and retain qualified medical professionals in Lancaster County to address critical areas of needs such as psychiatry, family practice, and behavioral health.
  • Our Continuing Medical Education (CME) series focuses on child abuse prevention for DO Category 1A credits, in partnership with Heart of Lancaster Regional Medical Center.
  • Providing education and training for families, youth, and providers on behavioral health, youth resiliency, early childhood mental health, and care coordination.