Nurse Scholarship Story Spotlight: Bhumika Dahal

Since 2003, LOHF awards scholarships to deserving students who are beginning their nursing education, as well as students who are looking to advance their nursing careers in an effort to improve care for everyone in Lancaster County. During that time, we have given out more than $1.2 million in scholarship money, and we are pleased to continue to support nurses in our area as they begin or continue their education. This year, we invested $61,125 in the education of 28 local nursing students and we are proud to highlight some of them in our Nurses Scholarship Recipient Series. Check back each week leading up to The Extraordinary Give to get to know some of our 2016 recipients!

Bhumika Dahal, 2016 LOHF Nursing Scholarship Recipient

Her community has always been an important part of Bhumika Dahal’s life. She recently moved to Lancaster from Vermont. As a bilingual student, Bhumika worked as an active interpreter at African Association of Living in Vermont, as well as a “liaison for the Bhutanese and Nepali community, making them feel part of the whole community despite of their language barrier.” Through her experience as an interpreter with Nepalese refugees she can empathize and help families heal from the trauma of their past. She also brings a great understanding and compassion of her culture to her nursing career. Bhumika has been described by her peers as professional, compassionate and bright.

Bhumika was driven to pursue a career in nursing while living in Nepal, “The experience that I had with the medical system in Nepal taught me to sympathize more and to understand other people’s feelings better despite of their situation. There was a lot of discrimination against the refugees at the hospital in Nepal, which made many refugees hide their sickness. I strongly feel that every healthcare provider should make their patients feel comfortable by listening to them carefully.” Bhumika has learned a lot from her experience in Nepal and plans to bring those skills to her work as a nurse.

With the LOHF Nurse Scholarship, Bhumika is pursuing her Registered Nurse (RN) degree at Pennsylvania College of Health and Sciences.

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