Celebrating Progress

Lancaster Clinical Supervision Collaborative Marks 1 Year

This month, we are completing the first year of our three-year effort to help 30 mental health providers (Fellows) earn their clinical license. In this collaborative, we are supporting nine agencies—teams of supervisors and fellows—with continuing education credits, funding, and building a community of practice. With matching funds from The Steinman Foundation, LOHF is building the talent pipeline in mental health.

Did you know that master’s degree graduates in social work and psychology must find their own clinical supervision hours (3,000+ hours) to be eligible for licensure? Mental health fields do not offer the equivalent of a medical residency program. Our Lancaster Clinical Supervision Collaborative aims to create a mental health residency program, and we’ll congratulate our first new licensed clinical providers this fall! Eventually, we’ll have more than 30 newly licensed mental health providers seeing youth, kids, and families here in Lancaster County.

In our first year, we held monthly cohort meetings (online) for our teams of Supervisors and Fellows. We spent the first three months building group dynamics, modeling authentic communication, and establishing trust with Work Wisdom. In the following months, we discussed telehealth guidelines, inclusion, and cultural differences, and then teams of Supervisors and Fellows presented their expertise to the group. In Year Two, we plan to offer group supervision and study groups for Fellows.

Participants are enthusiastic. “I’m enjoying and learning a lot from the supervision collaborative!” Dr. Latinia Shell, owner of Diversity Works. “Can’t thank you enough for allowing me to partake in this amazing opportunity!”

We are grateful to our Talent Pipeline Committee of volunteers who oversee this program, and we have an engaged and committed group of Supervisors and Fellows from the nine participating agencies. Our Programs Manager, Shanece Bowman, has helped us keep the program running smoothly during a challenging year. The support of donors and The Steinman Foundation will shorten waitlists for therapy and counseling visits for youth and children.

“Thank you for the opportunity to help establish a foundation for your important collaborative.” Kedren Crosby from Work Wisdom LLC