Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation Announces NavWell


Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF) is proud to introduce NavWell. A newly designed web-based and mobile-compatible software tool that links primary care physicians with behavioral providers and community resources, NavWell will allow for an improved continuum of care and support for Lancaster County youth and families.

This new system goes beyond simple referral tracking and case management of supplying health care providers with decision support, care linkage, and automated identification of potential health issues and treatment options across a spectrum of emotional, behavioral, and psychosocial problems.

How NavWell Works:

  • When a child visits a pediatrician, a parent/caregiver will sign a release allowing the health provider to use their protected health information in the NavWell system. He/she will share that information with other referred providers and use that information for their treatment.
  • Once the patient and parent/caregiver are registered in the NavWell system, the Patient Questionnaire (PHQ-9) or other age appropriate behavioral health assessment tool can be administered.
  • The tool will automatically be scored by NavWell and the pediatrician will be alerted in the NavWell system that a newly identified issue requires attention. The pediatrician will make notes in the patient record in NavWell and select appropriate referrals.
  • The parent/caregiver will schedule an appointment with one of the referred behavioral health providers. There, the provider can reference the child’s record in NavWell to review the pediatrician’s notes, reasons for referral and create a treatment plan. He/she can document prescribed medication and schedule a follow-up visit. This information will be captured in the patient’s record in NavWell and can be viewed by the original referring provider in real time.
  • The pediatrician and behavioral health provider can send notes to each other via a secure email portal.

Several providers have agreed to pilot NavWell within their practices. LOHF appreciates their willingness to help prepare this system for broad use. While NavWell is based on considerable research including conversations with providers representing all areas of the local community, LOHF recognizes that it must be vigilant in getting it right. In order for NavWell to be effective, it must be simple and secure to use and the referral component must be completely accurate and up-to-date. LOHF looks forward to seeing this system through to success.

For more information or to get involved, please contact us today.