An ExtraOrdinary Gift for an ExtraOrdinary Mission: Children’s Mental Health

When children and teens struggle with depression, anxiety, and stress, their whole family is affected. Yet, as many as 80% of kids with behavioral health needs don’t get the help they deserve.  LOHF donors share our mission to change this in Lancaster County.

We provide a safety net of support for families by strengthening and connecting successful programs and care providers. Our strategic support includes: a grants program, training for doctors and therapists, copay assistance, nursing scholarships, and NavWell—a revolutionary system to help doctors, therapists, families, and schools collaborate for children’s wellbeing.

Join us in this mission TODAY—during The ExtraOrdinary Give—with a gift on our leaderboard page at

Your help will be multiplied by the ExtraGive stretch pool during Lancaster County’s largest day of giving, which ends at midnight tonight. Thank you!