$67,500 in Grants Awarded for Local Children’s Behavioral Health Needs

Thanks to our donors, LOHF is announces recipients of Fall 2017 community grants.

LOHF this week approved funding to five Lancaster County community benefit organizations for children’s behavioral health programs.

  • CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health: $15,000 for “The Patchwork Quilt- A family-focused approach to children’s behavioral health and psychiatric care” to support 600 children and 1,200 family members with counseling and therapy.
  • Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County: $13,000 for “Minimizing trauma for children of justice-involved parents through a trauma-informed justice system” to train 288 community members (primarily police, probation and parole officers) with the RMO to safeguard children of arrested parents.
  • Compass Mark: $10,000 for “Family Services Advocate, supporting the unique needs of children with incarcerated parents” to support 100 children, 150 family members and 150 community members with coordinated care and case management.
  • Samaritan Counseling Center: $15,000 for “TeenHope” to help 2,250 children, 6,750 family members, and 50 community members with depression and anxiety screenings in schools and follow up to access mental health services.
  • Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County: $14,500 for “Linking positive and proactive social/emotional wellbeing strategies from school to home” to support 130 children, 105 family members and 28 community members with high quality, affordable childcare for children ages birth to 3 years old and their families in Head Start with positive behavior interventions and supports.

“We are very excited and humbled by this opportunity,” said Melanie Snyder, Director of the RMO at Community Action Partnership. “And we’re so grateful for the support of LOHF to help us carry out this important initiative to minimize trauma to the children of justice-involved parents in our community.”

“Our Family Services Advocate program continues to expand, thanks in part to LOHF and other important community partners,” said Eric Kennel, Executive Director of Compass Mark.

LOHF partners with Lancaster County community benefit organizations through its grants program, investing in work that impacts these areas:

  • Care Coordination: Improve the delivery of children’s behavioral healthcare services.
    • Increase access to mental/behavioral health services
    • Seamless transition of services for young adults
    • Coordinate resources to support families in navigating and accessing care
  • Parent/Caregiver Education: Enhance the capacity of parents, families, and caregivers through training and support.
    • Increase competency in addressing children’s mental/behavioral needs
    • Increase understanding and confidence in parents using strength-based techniques
    • Decrease need for care coordination
  • Access to Providers: Improve capacity of providers to support and treat children.
    • Reduce wait times for behavioral healthcare
    • Increase number of children who have and utilize health insurance
    • Encourage well-child visits and preventative care
    • Expand number and frequency of behavioral/mental health screenings in primary care

More Funds Available in 2018

An additional $100,000 in grant funds will be available for the 2018 Children’s Behavioral Health Grant program, focused on improving children’s behavioral health in Lancaster County. Online applications are now available, and due March 1, 2018. To learn more, please visit www.lohf.org/grants.

We encourage you to please contact the staff at LOHF to discuss any questions about your program before you apply. We will be glad to assist you in the process.

About the LOHF Children’s Behavioral Health Grant Program

LOHF asks applicants select at least one outcome from our logic model list and describe how the program will achieve that outcome. We ask applicants to describe the resources and inputs, activities, and outputs that your program will accomplish to achieve the intended result.

We support programs that are evidence-based, proven to work with some best practice, and seek to take these programs to scale, expand what works, and encourage applicants to replicate existing models from outside Lancaster County and within. We encourage applicants to work collaboratively with partners to learn more about improving services for children and families to achieve mental well-being.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact LOHF staff to discuss the grant program before submitting an application.

LOHF targets support towards evidence-based programs that advance mental wellness of children and youth in Lancaster County. Our Community Grant Program is a specific funding area that represents 26% of our annual program budget ($100,000 total funds available annually) with the goal of providing more funds each year through fundraising efforts. Tax exempt community benefit organizations serving Lancaster County are eligible to apply.