Executive Director, Anna Brendle Kennedy Appears on Behind the Lines


As Executive Director at Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation, Anna Brendle Kennedy recognizes that overall health is only achieved when both the mind and body are working together properly. Anna recently opened up on “Behind the Lines” with Diane Dayton, about the importance of mental health.

Anna’s own struggled with postpartum depression, following the birth of her daughter, led her to explore the implications of mental health. With the help and support of her husband, Anna set out to discover treatment methods for those struggling with postpartum depression.

While medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy proved beneficial for Anna, she found that Lancaster County lacked a support group for moms battling postpartum depression to attend. Anna took matters into her own hands and formed the group Moms Supporting Moms in partnership with Mental Health America.



Moms Supporting Moms gets together twice a month to share stories and lend support to fellow moms struggling with postpartum issues. The peer-led group strives to educate, support and provide solutions for new moms.

Another aspect of Anna’s involvement with mental and osteopathic health is with the Lancaster County Suicide Prevention Coalition where she serves on the Executive Committee. She works to raise awareness, reduce the stigmas and support friends and family.

In 2015, Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation conducted the Youth Behavioral Health Study, focusing on the behavioral health of youth in Lancaster County. The study found that suicide, which can result from the interaction of mental disorders and other factors, was the second leading cause of death among children aged 12-17 years in 2010. With the alarming findings associated with the mental health of adolescents in our community, Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation has made it their goal to make a change for future generations by increasing access to healthcare, and educating parents and caregivers.

For more information on Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation, please visit https://touchstonefound.org/.