AAPI Heritage Spotlight:  Jamy Kunjappu  

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Month! We are wrapping up our Q&A series and our final highlight is Jamy Kunjappu! 

Jamy Kunjappu is a visual artist that specializes in 3D Visualization, Photoshop, Graphic and Web Design. His business enhance3d.com has been working out of downtown Lancaster for the last 9 years. When he is not busy at work he enjoys spending time with his family, creating art and helping his wife wrangle her many goats. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to children/youth in Lancaster looking to improve their mental wellness?

Get involved in the things that you get the most excited about in life. Maybe it’s art, sports, cooking, gardening, music, volunteering or creating things? 

Find family members, teachers or other adults that you can trust and that are a positive influence in your life and ask them for counsel and guidance when you need it. 

Try to eat a healthy diet and get exercise daily, stay busy and active with others that you enjoy and that care for you.  

Don’t sit idle on your couch and compare yourself with others on social media and don’t get caught up with making your life a picture-perfect post.