A Community of Voices: Jo Ann Lawer, LGH

Jo Ann Lawer, LGH
Jo Ann Lawer, LGH

On a daily basis, Jo Ann Lawer—Director of Government Affairs and Grants for Lancaster General Health—works to keep important medical issues at the forefront with local legislators. Among the issues Jo Ann fights for, mental health issues in Lancaster County’s child and adolescent populations are critical in bringing attention to. Recognizing this call for action Jo Ann joined the NavWell Advisory Council Board, in order to create change in the community.

The intense commitment to mental healthcare that NavWell represents, alongside its value of collaboration—bringing multiple voices to the discussion surrounding mental health care for children—keeps the initiative both authentic and thoughtful.

“The remarkable aspect of Navwell is its potential to help corral and lead multiple efforts across the Lancaster region,” Jo Ann explains. “This is important. Doing good is not enough. It has to be consolidated with leadership.”

NavWell works to bring varying points of view together to test and resolve differences in the most effective ways. The collaboration through the communication that NavWell facilitates creates advantages for the community that have not been seen before. NavWell has the ability to create an elevated level of awareness of mental health issues in children and attract broader support and engagement with other partners.

Navwell represents a resource for patients, physicians, and families that has long been needed. Beginning as a very open approach, NavWell reaches across various disciplines—listening carefully and vetting new ideas—to create a system which changes the way mental health is currently viewed, diagnosed, and treated.  

“The openness of this process is its strength,” Jo Ann explains. “I am confident that even when we falter, we will take the lessons learned, revamp and move forward—for as long as it takes.”

Ultimately, NavWell promotes change for the well-being and health care of children across Lancaster County and beyond.

For more information, please visit lohf.org/navwell.