What’s New with LOHF Spring 2019 Children’s Behavioral Health Grants

Applications are open for the spring 2019 LOHF Children’s Behavioral Health Grants. Applications must be submitted online by March 1, 2019.

Based on research, including our Youth Behavioral Health Study, we have learned that mental/behavioral health services for youth and children exist, but that the system is fragmented. Families are overwhelmed and confused, and providers lack the tools to refer families for therapy, counseling, and treatment. Therefore, our grants invest in practical solutions that elevate the mental well-being of youth and children in Lancaster County.

Here’s what’s new

Funded programs must address at least one of the outcomes we have listed to choose from. We recommend applicants first review and download our UPDATED LOGIC MODEL as a guide before applying.

  • Increase access for children to have behavioral healthcare
  • Ensure seamless transition of behavioral healthcare services for youth into young adulthood (ages 14-26)
  • Help families navigate mental/behavioral healthcare and resources
  • Integrate behavioral healthcare in primary care practices
  • Build caregiver confidence to use strengths-based approaches
  • Train professionals in methods that enhance patient mental/behavioral health
  • Expand behavioral health screenings in primary care

How we make our grant award decisions

These are the questions we ask our volunteer committee members when they review grant applications. Each question is scored, and we award funding to the highest scored applications.

  • To what degree will children’s behavioral health be enhanced by this?
  • To what degree will this fill an existing gap in services?
  • How viable is this in terms of the organization’s staff capacity?
  • How much impact can our funding have based on the overall project?
  • How much of a positive return on investment will there be for Lancaster County?
  • To what degree does it align with our values?
  • How well will we be able to measure the success of this project?
  • To what degree does this utilize data-driven best practices?

We encourage all applicants to carefully review our grants program page, then discuss your request with our executive director before applying.