Supporting Kids Emotionally in School

By Carli Youndt
MSN; Warwick High School Nurse; LOHF Board Member

What do you think of when you hear the word, “childhood?” A person? A favorite stuffed animal? Maybe the smell of pancake syrup, the feel of cool grass on bare feet, your first little league home run?  Many of us can fondly recall our early years. But the landscape of childhood has shifted for the current generation of teens and children. They struggle in record numbers with anxiety, depression, stress of rigorous academics and full schedules, pressure to try lethal substances, and the onslaught of social media platforms that grow exponentially by the day

As a school nurse, I see the negative toll just one of these challenges takes on a student, let alone multiple stressors at the same time.  Human bodies don’t hide stress very well, and in children and teens stress and anxiety may present physically as nausea, headaches, dizziness, chest tightness, lack of appetite, body aches, frequent illness, and so on.

Today’s students must be equipped to connect events and their internal emotions.  This is where Social Emotional and Academic Development (SEAD) is crucial for K-12 students.  Just as critical thinking and processing skills are enhanced through education, curriculum-based classroom instruction and support for social and emotional skills contributes to success in school, career, and life

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