Sobeida’s Farewell

After just over two years at Touchstone Foundation, Communications & Development Manager Sobeida Rosa is leaving us on May 31. Sobeida plans to continue her support of local organizations in strengthening their social media presence, and she’s looking ahead to an upcoming move out of the area.  

“Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of helping to grow the communications department, build up my development skills, develop a program for high school students, and strengthen relationships with community partners,” said Sobeida, “I appreciate all the opportunities that the Touchstone Foundation has brought me in my professional career”.  

“Sobeida helped us increase our visibility and presence in our community immensely. She joined us just before our name change to Touchstone Foundation in December 2021,” said Anna Kennedy, Executive Director. Anna shared some of Sobeida’s accomplishments were strengthening our partnerships in our community, launching our Rise Above youth summit, and modernizing our digital communications in social media and online.  

Touchstone Foundation is hiring a Communications & Development Manager, full-time salary with competitive pay and benefits. To apply, please visit our posting on Indeed here. We hope to fill this position by August 1, 2024.