Sharing Our Mission

We recently met with Digital Marketing Director at Steinman Communications and Marketing & Communications Committee member, John Walker. Below, John shares his valuable insight regarding the mental and behavioral wellbeing of our community:

WalkerJohn-LOHFHow long have you worked with Steinman Communications?
Two years. Before that, I worked in various marketing jobs.

Why is it important to you that you support LOHF’s mission?
LOHF is focused on an area of need in Lancaster — improving access to behavioral health services for teenagers. I think LOHF is going to make a positive difference in this area that will impact our whole community.

How has the Marketing & Communications committee supported LOHF’s mission?
The Marketing & Communications committee is spreading the word about the need to improve access to behavioral health in Lancaster. The committee is also going to help increase awareness of solutions as they are implemented.

What is the biggest issue regarding mental and behavioral health in Lancaster County?
First, there is a lack of understanding that there is a big problem. Many teenagers today have serious mental and behavioral health challenges. They need help and so do their families. And today that help can be hard to get because the system is fragmented and it lacks adequate capacity to meet all the needs. Through the work of LOHF, and many others who will work in concert with this effort, I envision a time when there will be wider understanding of the problem and greater capacity to provide services. When we reach this point, we will be making a very positive difference in the lives of many kids and their families.

To learn more about our mission or to get involved, please contact us for more information. Thank you!