Nurse Scholarship Story Spotlight: Malinda Heisey

I feel extremely blessed to have been chosen as a recipient of a Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation scholarship. The money has helped to relieve a bit of the financial burden of paying for school and allows me to focus more on my studies.

Once I get my Registered Nurse degree, I hope to give back to the community by working at a local hospital. After paying off my student loans, I have considered completing mission work in other parts of the world and sharing my knowledge and skills in order to provide health care to those who desperately need it.

In the same way that this LOHF scholarship has impacted my life, I hope that LOHF is able to continue providing financial support to alleviate financial worries to other students pursuing a career in healthcare. With a growing healthcare community, it is important to me that students with skills, abilities, and desire to pursue a career in health care are not held back in their pursuit by lack of financial resources.

I want to thank LOHF for the generosity of their financial support in my pursuit of my degree!