Nurse Scholarship Story Spotlight: Christopher Lohr


Since 2003, LOHF awards scholarships to deserving students who are beginning their nursing education, as well as students who are looking to advance their nursing careers in an effort to improve care for everyone in Lancaster County. During that time, we have given out more than $1.2 million in scholarship money, and we are pleased to continue to support nurses in our area as they begin or continue their education. This year, we invested $61,125 in the education of 28 local nursing students and we are proud to highlight some of them in our Nurses Scholarship Recipient Series. Check back each week leading up to The Extraordinary Give to get to know some of our 2016 recipients!

Christopher Lohr, LOHF 2016 Nurse Scholarship Recipient
Christopher Lohr, LOHF 2016 Nurse Scholarship Recipient

Throughout Christopher Lohr’s life, self-sacrifice for public service has been his guiding force. Being a part of The Boy Scouts and joining the military to achieve such service soon followed, “My 8 years in the Army resulting in: 2 deployments to Iraq with over 250 combat missions, multiple commendations, a Top Secret Security Classification and targeting/reconnaissance work that led to the capture of over 10 High Value Targets.” For Christopher, the tragedy of combat evoked a desire for medical knowledge in order to save lives.

He seized the opportunity to affect real change by performing medical mission work to Haiti. He aspires to “bring equality to the allocation of medicine in Lancaster County.” Christopher’s aspirations to create global good begins with medicine. Christopher’s blend of life experiences — having dealt with the reality of war, poverty, and trauma — and passion for an education in nursing has given him a unique approach to achieving a degree in nursing.

As a recipient of the LOHF Nurse Scholarship, Christopher is pursuing his Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree at Millersville University.

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