Nurse Education Scholarships Awarded to Benefit Youth and Children’s Mental Health

Lancaster, PA — The Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation (LOHF) announces the recipients of the 2021 Nurse Education Scholarship. The purpose of the Nurse Education Scholarship Program is to develop the workforce that cares for the mental well-being of Lancaster County youth and children. Nurses do this every day with a sensitivity to children’s emotional and mental wellness needs as they treat them for physical health. 
This year, LOHF is investing $40,000 in the education local nursing students; this includes $22,000 to 10 new scholarship recipients, and $18,000 to previous recipients who are continuing in their degree program. Since 2003, LOHF has awarded more than $980,100 in scholarships towards the education of nurses who can be found caring for our families, friends, and neighbors. 
LOHF nurse education scholarships support the education of nurses in Licensed Practical Nursing, Registered Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, advanced degrees, and certificate programs such as Certified School Nurse or Family Nurse Practitioner. 
“The generosity of LOHF is making a lasting impact on these students. We are so grateful. One of our students’ greatest challenges is the financial component of a second degree,” said Ronda G. Stump, M.Ed, Sr. Academic Adviser, Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing, School of Behavioral Sciences and Education, Penn State Harrisburg. 
“Our Nurse Education Scholarship supports students committed to awareness of possible behavioral healthcare needs of youth and children in Lancaster County while meeting their physical healthcare needs,” said Anna Brendle Kennedy, LOHF Executive Director. 

Recipients of the 2021 Nurse Education Scholarships are: 

RN Scholars: 
Ruth Hershey, of Millersville, attending Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences  Hadassah Hoover, of New Holland, attending Harrisburg Area Community College  Amanda Jantzi, of Strasburg, attending Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences  Kristina Keil, of Columbia, attending Harrisburg Area Community College  Bhim Thapaliya, of Lancaster, attending Harrisburg Area Community College 
RN to BSN Scholar: 
Roberto Holder-Orta, RN, of Lancaster, attending Penn State University Harrisburg  Adriana Prieto Grave de Peralta, of Lancaster, attending Penn State University Harrisburg 
BSN Scholar: 
Leidy Jiménez Argudin, of Lancaster, attending Penn State University Harrisburg  Gelsys Estevez Chico, of Lancaster, attending Penn State University Harrisburg 
MSN Scholar: 
Jaime Plank, of Mountville, attending Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences 
“The recipients of the nursing education scholarships have shown dedication, compassion, and a commitment to practice nursing in Lancaster County. We’re happy to help them advance their careers and wish them the best,” said Shanece Bowman, LOHF Programs Manager. 
To learn more or apply, visit our scholarship program page.