Mental Health Care Now More Affordable 

LANCASTER, PA – Touchstone Foundation announces a major program expansion, increasing access to mental healthcare for children, young people, and their families. Now, Touchstone Foundation covers up to $50 per visit towards the copay or deductible for mental health care. Previously, $40 per visit was reimbursed.  

The Touchstone Foundation offers Mental Health Access Assistance towards the copay or deductible for therapy or counseling with a licensed mental health provider. Lancaster County residents who are children, youth, and parents of dependent children (ages 0-25) and have financial need are eligible. To qualify for the program, the household income may not exceed 250% of the Federal Poverty Level, $75,000 per year for a family of four. Participants must have commercial insurance (such as Pennie) and re-enroll annually. 

Program participant, Mother Lori Safstrom said that the program has helped her son. She says, “Being part of this program gives us as parents the possibility to give him the best future, the ability to self-regulate, make better friendships, and the ability to think clearly”.  

Another participant shared, “That program was a game changer for me personally and made trauma therapy available and affordable in a very difficult season”. 


In 2023, this program supported over 1,500 visits to a licensed mental health provider for therapy or counseling. Over 70 local mental health agencies and practices are currently participating in this program with Touchstone Foundation. On average, clients visit their mental health provider twice per month during the year. Clients can visit their mental health provider as often as necessary, with no limit to the number of visits per year.  

Who Qualifies?  

  • Residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania  

  • Persons aged 0-25, or a parent/guardian of a dependent child aged 0-25 

  • Household income at or below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines, which is $75,000/year for a family of four or $36,450 for a single person.  

  • Must have private/commercial insurance (such as Pennie) with either a copay or an unmet deductible. 

  • Clients must re-enroll with Touchstone Foundation each year to verify income eligibility.  

How It Works 

  • Touchstone Foundation can help clients find a local mental health provider. A partnership with the Pennsylvania Health Access Network supports a health navigator for Lancaster County families and young people who have experienced challenges enrolling in health insurance.  

  • Qualified applicants with an existing provider can request that their provider contact Touchstone Foundation to sign up.  

  • The mental healthcare provider bills the patient’s insurance and sends an invoice to Touchstone Foundation for the remaining balance, up to $50 towards the copay or deductible per visit.  

How to apply 

  • Patients can apply online at  

  • The online portal is secure, encrypted and confidential. The also site includes Google Translate so that the application is available in many languages.  

  • Interested mental health providers can also enroll online.  

This program is made possible by generous donors and grants from The Steinman Foundation and the City Limits Foundation. 


Touchstone Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has focused on elevating the mental well-being of youth and children in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for 25 years. Visit our website for more information: