LOHF Identifies Youth Behavioral and Mental Health Needs of Lancaster

We recently partnered with the Nonprofit Resource Network of Millersville University, coLAB, Inc. to undertake a comprehensive study of the youth behavioral and mental health needs in Lancaster County. This project which was supported by a grant from the Lancaster County Community Foundation will help us to make well-informed, data-driven funding decisions to improve children’s behavioral health services and strengthen the capacity of our health care professionals. In the spirit of collaboration, we hope to encourage community partnerships that meet the behavioral and mental health needs of Lancaster children, their families and caregivers.

We are proud of the extent to which the needs assessment reached out to a wide variety of behavioral health providers as well as consumers, physicians, parents, educators to help us identify specific gaps in service. The research project featured a robust mixed-methods design which includes quantitative (random sample telephone survey and secondary data analysis) and qualitative approaches (focus group and key informant interviews). The final phase of the project was the telephone survey which reached more than 1,000 parents who were eager to share their stories.

Emerging Themes Help to Identify Specific Needs

Our final report is organized around the five key themes that emerged from the mixed methods study around our target age group- youth age 0-25 living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The five themes are broad categorizations of the data collected and provide a useful mechanism for presenting the findings. They are:

  • Access and Availability
  • Transitional Ages
  • Lack of Specialists
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Affordability and Insurance

Our Vision: All Children and Youth in Lancaster County Experience Mental Wellbeing

While our mission remains the same, we intend to invest funds that will advance mental wellness of children and youth in Lancaster County by facilitating access, education and coordination of resources. The outcomes we will achieve through our grant making include:

  • Care Coordination – Improve delivery of children’s behavioral health services, resources
  • Education – Enhance the capacity of parent, families, and caregivers through training and support
  • Access – Improve capacity of providers to support and treat children

We Welcome You to Learn More…

Our complete Lancaster County Youth Behavioral and Mental Health Needs Assessment can be found here. We are also available to share the findings of this study with organizations at a time and place that is convenient for you. Please feel free to contact our office, 717-397-8722 to arrange for a presentation. We can also be reached by email at info@lohfoundation.org.