LOHF grants $41,893 to improve children’s behavioral health in Lancaster County; more funding to come this fall

LOHF approved funding to three Lancaster County community benefit organizations for children’s behavioral health programs.

  • Philhaven: $5,000 for “Attachment-Based Family Therapy” to repair and rebuild relationships in families. The program has a unique emphasis on adolescent development, and this model is designed to target family and individual processes associated with adolescent depression and suicide.
  • Bethany Children’s Services: $20,675 for “Safe Families for Children” to impact 25 children by performing complete needs assessments and facilitating connections with parents and host families to strengthen the family. This program keeps families from engaging with child protective services when temporary care is needed. Host families are mandated reporters, so if child protection is necessary, they will be notified.
  • Lancaster Family YMCA: $16,218 for “Pre-K and Power Scholars Parent/Family Education” to support parents through strengths-based workshops, such as: Attentive Parenting, Family Nurturing, and Guide to Good Choices.  The program will also connect parents to support groups for families with similar experiences.

More funding to come

An additional $58,000 in grant funds will be available for the fall application cycle of the 2018 Children’s Behavioral Health Community Grant program. Our grants focus on improving children’s behavioral health in Lancaster County. Online applications will be open May 16, and due Sept. 1, 2018. To learn more, please visit www.lohf.org/grants. We encourage those interested to contact the staff at LOHF to discuss any questions before applying.

About LOHF Grants

LOHF targets support towards evidence-based programs that advance mental wellness of children and youth in Lancaster County. Our grants invest in work that impacts:

  • Care Coordination: Improve the delivery of children’s behavioral healthcare services.
  • Parent/Caregiver Education: Enhance the capacity of parents, families, and caregivers through trainings and support.
  • Access to Providers: Improve capacity of providers to support and treat children.

We support programs that are evidence-based, and proven to work with best practice. We seek to take these programs to scale. We encourage applicants to replicate existing models and to collaborate with partners to improving services for children to achieve mental well-being.

Our Community Grant Program is a specific funding area that represents 26% of our annual program budget ($100,000 total funds available annually) with the goal of providing more funds each year through fundraising efforts. Tax exempt community benefit organizations serving Lancaster County are eligible to apply.