DHS Continues Push to Increase Access to High-Quality Services, Announces Telephonic Psychiatric Contracts

The Department of Human Services recently announced a statewide selection by the HealthChoices managed care organization (MCOs) of awards for Pennsylvania’s Telephonic Psychiatric Service Program (TiPS). The program provides real time provider-to-provider and peer-to-peer resources to primary care providers.

“It is critical that all children, regardless of where they live, have access to quality health care services,” said DHS Secretary Ted Dallas. “Access to child psychiatry has been a significant problem nationwide for years. Today’s announcement means that more of our kids will have the services they need, and not just another prescription.”

TiPs teams are comprised of child psychiatrists, licensed therapists, care coordinators and administrative teams. The program works to support PCPs with children covered by HealthChoices and Fee-for-Service program.

“This is a great development to improve behavioral health for children in Pennsylvania,” says LOHF Executive Director, Anna Brendle Kennedy. It will help primary care providers get access to psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, care coordinators and administrative support to guide them in helping families access behavioral health care. NavWell will facilitate the data sharing between primary care and behavioral health, and with this new service across Pennsylvania, primary care providers will get the extra support they need to help families.

For additional information or to learn more about NavWell, please visit www.lohf.org.