Announcing the LOHF Clinical Supervision Collaborative!

LANCASTER, PALOHF announces the first eight organizations to join the new LOHF Clinical Supervision Collaborative (LCSC) in response to the inadequate supply of child/youth mental healthcare professionals in Lancaster County. This is funded for 3 years, in part by a grant from the Steinman Foundation

The collaborative will equip mental health professionals to take on supervisory roles, and will provide a post-master’s clinical fellowship program for license-eligible providers to receive supervision required for licensing. This will strengthen the local workforce to meet demand for children’s behavioral healthcare.

The LCSC begins with these inaugural participants

Community Services Group; TEAMcare Behavioral Health; Laurie Schein; Commonwealth Clinical Group; Thoughtful Wellness; Matters of the Heart Counseling; Diversity Works; and Focus Counseling Services, LLC.

Goals of the Collaborative

  • Lancaster County will be attractive to qualified candidates entering the workforce. We will welcome these mental health professionals to become part of our vibrant community, and provide quality behavioral healthcare for our children, youth, young adults, and families even after their licensure.
  • The LOHF Clinical Supervision Collaborative will serve at least five mental health care organizations per year in Lancaster County during the next 3 years.
  • Creating and funding this framework will remove barriers of workforce development.
  • Developing a qualified workforce to meet the demand for mental healthcare for youth and children will make access to such care more accessible.
  • Training supervisors will help us achieve the Quadruple Aim for mental health in Lancaster County: 1) enhancing patient experience; 2) improving population health; 3) reducing the costs; and 4) improving work life of providers, clinicians, and staff.

Investing in the talent pipeline for behavioral health will result in stronger behavioral health organizations and competent supervisors who can mentor their staff. Trained supervisors can effectively recruit and retain clinical staff, reducing patient caseloads, improving recruitment and retention, and lowering staff turnover rates. LEARN MORE about the LCSC.