Mental Health Careers Scholarship

This program helps accomplish our Big Goal 1: to develop the workforce to meet demand for mental healthcare for youth in Lancaster County.

How It Works

Scholarship applications are open each year in February through May 15. Our scholarship committee will evaluate applications during the next month. In early July, our top applicants are invited for an interview. The committee then decides on awards, with consideration of our available funds, applicant need, and potential impact on services to youth and children in Lancaster County.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Lancaster County Residents 
  • Undergraduate students (especially rising juniors and seniors) accepted or enrolled in a major for social work, psychology, or psychiatric nurse practitioner 
  • Graduate students (masters and doctorate levels) in social work, psychology, and psychiatry  
  • Students who demonstrate a commitment and passion for clinical mental health care, leading to licensure as Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and related mental health clinical fields. 
  • Students who demonstrate a passion and commitment to serving youth, young people, and parents/caregivers. 

Scholarship Program Requirements

Applicants must be permanent residents of Lancaster County at the time of application or working in healthcare in Lancaster County. Scholarships are awarded for the length of years required to complete a degree. For example, a rising junior will be awarded a scholarship funding in the same amount for junior and senior year. 

Applicants must be admitted to a qualified undergraduate or graduate program at the time of application. 

Scholarships are for tuition costs only. Students eligible for 100% tuition reimbursement from employers are not eligible for this scholarship. 

By accepting a scholarship from Touchstone Foundation, the scholarship recipient agrees to work full time in mental health clinical care in Lancaster County for each year scholarship funding was awarded. 

Scholarship Timline

Feb 1– Applications Opens
May 15– Scholarship Application Closed 
June– Interview Candidates Decision
July 10-11: Undergraduate Scholarship Interviews
July 14– Undergraduate Scholarships Awards Announced
End of July– Sending of scholarships to colleges/ universities ( ungraduated) 
September 21– Program Celebration 
  • Our Scholarship Committee will review applications and identify finalists for interviews that will take place in July. Applicants will be notified of decisions by mail in July. Scholarship payments will be made directly to schools in August. 
  • The Steinman Foundation follows a different timeframe for Graduate applications interviews, decisions, and award distribution. 

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Applications Open February 1st

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