For Providers

We offer Mental Health Access (copay or deductible) Assistance to youth, children, and parents of dependent children (ages 0-25) who live in Lancaster County and have financial need.

NEW! Mental Health Access Assistance

Formerly Mental Health Copay Assistance program

Touchstone Foundation, formerly known as LOHF (Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation) works to improve access to mental and behavioral health services for children, youth, and families in Lancaster County. In 2022, we helped 270 families with over 1,000 therapy visits to nearly 50 mental health providers in Lancaster County. Unlike an Employee Assistance Program which limits the number of visits, this program supports as many visits as needed. Clients must reapply each year to verify their income.  

Our Mental Health Access Assistance program continues to provide financial support to children, youth, and families of Lancaster County. Starting January 1, 2024 we will increase our support to $50.00 per visit towards copays and deductibles. Applicants must be under the age of 26, or the parent of a dependent child under age 26. Household income may not exceed 250% of the Federal Poverty Level. Families and young people must be residents of Lancaster County, PA and have commercial insurance. 

Formerly the Mental Health Copay Assistance program, since February 1, 2023 we have implemented changes to expand the number of people eligible for our program by addressing the problem of high deductibles and streamlining the reimbursement process. Our application process for both patients and participating providers will not change.  

Our Mental Health Access Assistance program provides monetary assistance towards seeking a behavioral healthcare provider for youth, children, and parents of dependent children (ages 0-25) who live in Lancaster County and have financial need.

Program Changes:

  • We will now reimburse each patient’s deductible, copay, or co-insurance at the flat rate of $50 per visit.  
  • We no longer require patients to pay a $10 portion, however they will be responsible for any remainder beyond $50. 

How It Works

  • Must have commercial insurance 
  • Patient is under the age of 26 OR the parent/guardian of a child under 26 (cutoff is 26th birthday) 
  • Resident in Lancaster County  
  • Household income at 250% or less of Federal Poverty Level

How to Bill Services

  • First, you will bill the patient’s insurance company exactly as you would for any patient 

  • Next, you will bill Touchstone Foundation for $50 per visit 

  • Then, you will bill the patient for the remainder of their copay, for example: 

Total cost of services: $110 
Less, amount paid by insurance ($50 copay): $50 
Less, Touchstone Foundation’s portion: $50 
Remainder of copay: $10

Note: Touchstone is unable to contact the insurance company directly- we rely on you to provide us with accurate information regarding deductibles and copay amounts.

How to Invoice Services

What to include on an invoice to Touchstone Foundation: 

  • Patient name (or another pre-arranged identifier)
  • Date of service
  • Total cost of service
  • A line showing the patient’s contribution  
  • A line showing the amount due by Touchstone, which should specify:
    • amount of copay OR
    • calculated amount of co-insurance OR 
    • a statement that patient has not met the annual deductible, and a line billing $50 

Note: Do NOT include HIPPA information, such as CPT or ICD codes, patient DOB, contact info, etc.   

How often should you send an invoice?

We recommend no more than weekly and no less than monthly. We will not reimburse for visits more than 90 days past, unless by prior agreement. Under no circumstances can we reimburse for visits from the previous year after March 30th of the following year.

How To Apply

  • The application process takes approximately 15 minutes to fill out
  • You’ll need contact information about your Agency/Practice
  • You’ll need the contact information for your bookkeeper or whoever handles billing/invoices

Application Timeline

  • After an application is completed it will be reviewed – usually within a few days. If you haven’t heard anything after five business days, please contact our office.
  • Once you are approved, we will send you an enrollment letter with additional information.
  • If your primary point of contact, email, phone, or mailing address change, please contact our office to update your profile.
  • Patients enrolled in our program receive a Mental Health Access Assistance card to present at appointments.
  • Once you have seen an enrolled patient, you can start sending invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

My patient is a Lancaster County resident, but I practice in a different county. Can I still enroll in your program?
YES! The provider does not need to be in Lancaster County, only the patient.

My patient has co-insurance, not copays; will you reimburse for co-insurance? 
We will cover co-insurance payments up to $50. The patient is responsible for paying you for any remaining co-insurance over $50 (their $10 + our $50). 

My patient has not reached their deductible- are you able to assist them with the cost of their visit? 
As the provider, you must bill the insurance company so the patient will eventually reach their deductible. In the meantime, we can cover up to $50 per visit. The patient is responsible for paying you for the remainder of the bill. We encourage patients with high-deductible plans to contact the PA Health Access Network (PHAN) at to get help with choosing a plan that might better meet their needs.  

Billing questions?

Reach out to our Operations Manager, Amy Swanger with any billing related inquiries |