Mental Health Careers Scholarship

This program helps accomplish our Big Goal 1: to develop the workforce to meet demand for mental healthcare for youth in Lancaster County.

Our Partnership with
John F. Steinman Fellowship Fund

Touchstone Foundation is partnered with The John Frederick Steinman Fellowship Fund of The Steinman Foundation in our new Mental Health Careers Scholarships. Both undergraduate and Graduate students in mental health careers are welcome to apply.  

  • All students can apply through the Touchstone Foundation online application portal. Click “Apply Now” to create an account and start the application.
  • Undergraduate student applications in mental health careers majors, especially rising juniors and seniors, will be reviewed by our volunteer committee at the Touchstone Foundation. We will also support graduate students in nursing careers whose work focuses on youth mental health.
  • Graduate student applications in social work, psychology, and psychiatry (masters and doctorate level students) will be sent to the John Frederick Steinman Fellowship Fund of The Steinman Foundation for consideration for their funding.
  • Touchstone Foundation and The Steinman Foundation are simplifying the application process for all students by using the same online application portal. 

Applications Open February 1st

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