Postpartum depression & anxiety

For birthing people the physical, emotional and mental changes that happen after giving birth can be overwhelming. Here is a non-exhaustive list specifically for birthing people experiencing postpartum depression and/or anxiety.

Touchstone Foundation

This article written by Touchstone Foundation Executive Director Anna Kennedy outlines her personal experience with postpartum depression and gives advice for others who may be in similar situations.  


Postpartum Support International is an organization whose purpose is to increase awareness about emotional changes that women experience postpartum and to provide support for women experiencing these changes. They have a non-emergency phone and text hotline available in English and Spanish.  
This brochure generated by Postpartum Support International outlines ways to support postpartum families along with information about how to get support for individuals who may be experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety. Resources listed include finding a therapist who can help and calling the PSI helpline.  
This checklist can help new moms identify and communicate what symptoms they may be having to their healthcare providers.