The Importance of Supporting Area Nurses

Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation is a health-focused resource created to strengthen the mental and behavioral wellbeing of children and youth in Lancaster County. Through critical access to grants, scholarships, loan repayments and information and trainings, we are committed to supporting area nurses and health practitioners.

Recently, we announced the recipients of our 2016 Nursing Scholarship.

“The LOHF scholarship program offers students (Licensed Practical Nurses, registered nurses, and nurses pursing advanced degrees) assistance with the cost of nursing education,” says Dee Minchhoff, LOHF Child Health and Wellness Committee member. “This is in keeping with the mission of the organization to strengthen the capacity of the health care professional community.

It is important for LOHF to continue to support nurses through the scholarship program for a variety of reasons:

  • The cost of nursing education, as all higher education, continues to increase
  • Many students attending a nursing education program find themselves need to work and attend school. The financial support may ease the burden so the recipients of the scholarships do not need to work as many hours and devote more time to school
  • It is a demonstration of support to the nursing community.
  • There is an anticipated shortage of nurses in the future and we need to support nurses educated here in Lancaster County with the hope that those students will remain in Lancaster County.

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