Nurse Scholarship Story Spotlight: Laura Noll


Since 2003, LOHF awards scholarships to deserving students who are beginning their nursing education, as well as students who are looking to advance their nursing careers in an effort to improve care for everyone in Lancaster County. During that time, we have given out more than $1.2 million in scholarship money, and we are pleased to continue to support nurses in our area as they begin or continue their education. This year, we invested $61,125 in the education of 28 local nursing students and we are proud to highlight some of them in our Nurses Scholarship Recipient Series. Check back each week leading up to The Extraordinary Give to get to know some of our 2016 recipients!

Laura Noll
Laura Noll, 2016 LOHF Scholarship Recipient

Laura Noll has known the power of medicine from a young age. The summer after her junior year of high school, Laura learned of a brain tumor effecting her optic nerve, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland, stunting her physical maturation throughout her teenage years. One brain surgery and nine months of chemotherapy landed Laura in the pediatric oncology center at the Hershey Hospital for recovery. “Here I saw children as young as three or four years old rolling around their IV poles, with hand-knit hats adorning their heads because they had already lost all their hair, but they were happy.” Laura was inspired and humbled as she watched the nurses care for the pediatric oncology patients, doing everything they could to keep the patients’ spirits up.

What could be viewed as a traumatic experience for Laura, ended up being a blessing in disguise, leading her to pursue a career in the medical field as a Registered Nurse (RN). As a student, Laura has been eager to help others learn the model structures and review material. Having been exposed to trauma and medicine at a young age, Laura has a passion for helping others.

As one of the recipients of the LOHF Nurse Scholarship, Laura is pursuing her RN degree at Harrisburg Area Community College, Lancaster Campus.

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